Below are a few examples of systems implemented. As simple as they may seem, these tiny touches can really save time and create helpful habits.

School Bag Center


  • Teach the kids to empty their school bags upon arriving from home
  • Provide easy access to the kitchen for packed lunches and snacks.
  • Remind parents to check for homework or notices before beginning the evening routine.
  • Keep important school notices and forms or weekly reminders close at hand to keep morning rush at a minimum.
  • NEVER have to look for book bags.

This met the goals listed above, cost very little, and has successfully trained both kiddos and adults to follow an after school routine.

Jewelry Storage


  • Provide easy and quick access in the dressing area.
  • Keep costs low.
  • Cut down the amount of time spent browsing choices each morning.

We pulled the floating shelf and picture frame out of storage and spent a few dollars at the hardware store to meet the goals of the project. *BONUS* The piece is decorative AND practical.

Laundry Sorter


  • Create a laundry system for all family members.
  • Make it less time consuming for mom to collect and launder.
  • Find a handy and inconspicuous spot for the laundry center.

Finding these narrow Sterilite hampers allowed us to fit three containers in a location available to all bedrooms. They came with labels which had the BONUS result of teaching family members to sort their own laundry. The system also provides easy transportation to the downstairs washer.

Maybe you think you SHOULD be able to handle the situation on your own.

I think we all have those thoughts. Just remember-life is HARD! Things that are out of our control will come up for all of us, and will all need a little grace. Now might be the time to give yourself that grace by reaching out. Let’s get started on your goals.