Functional Common Areas

Maybe you think you SHOULD be able to handle the situation on your own.

I think we all have those thoughts. Just remember-life is HARD! Things that are out of our control will come up for all of us, and will all need a little grace. Now might be the time to give yourself that grace by reaching out. Let’s get started on your goals.


To create a space that would perform as:

  • home OFFICE
  • PLAY room
  • storage CLOSET

I built a register cover and added the wall shelf and storage cubby to the assigned “office area.” This provided enough surfice area to make supplies more accessible.

An additional book shelf, in combination with the existing built-in shelves, allowed us to place toys, books, and stored items on the upper shelves, while toys line the lower shelves. I printed picture labels for the toy shelves so the kids (and visitors) can easily find the assigned spot for each toy. Additional storage tubs on high shelves serve for longer-term storage.


To create a defined but unobtrusive space for the entry way; as the main door opens directly into the living room.

I built the radiator cover and hanging racks for coats, keys, and accessories. The result was unique, functional and understated.


To add some storage without taking floor space in the dining area. To display green glass and incorporate a love of inspirational quotes.

Builds included the register cover with two floating shelves and the two picture shelves henna the table. I used an app to design the quotes and printed them through MPIX. I recycled picture frames by painted them black and white.

Interested in bringing some happiness to your child’s space?